Sneaking a Pre-fab into the Calais Jungle Migrant Camp to field research among Athenian squats

Richard O’Hanlon, Tak. Tak. Tak., UK

Contributor: Peter Dew ( Tak Tak. Tak., Uk

“The non-profit organisation Tak Tak Tak was formed at the CASS School of Architecture by students disgruntled by data and the desk. A fraction of students abandoned the studio to volunteer in the Calais Jungle to learn where architects fit in. Finding few answers about the complexities of the migrant crisis and the camp, the team started a building project to unravel questions surrounding charity, money, safety, security, design and delivery.”

Richard will deliver a talk about his work as part of Tak Tak Tak, on behalf of the entire team. Richard met Peter Dew at the CASS school of Architecture during Part 2 while building a prototype house in Colombia. After working closely together on site they developed an excellent working partnership. They were determined to make the next academic brief a live project, resulting in successful crowdfunding and realisation of the ‘Calais Kids Space’. Lessons learned informed the direction of the following years studio brief by leading scoping studies in Athens and making contact with groups supporting refugees. Richard is an architect working at the Design Buro, a small practice in Leamington Spa; an active supporter and sponsor of the work of Tak Tak Tak. His current focus is on working with a charitable housing association, on both new-build and refurbishment social housing projects.